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I am sure you have heard the quote of "travel is the only thing you spend money on that will make you richer".. this is the most accurate thing i ever read in my life! Traveling is the one thing that can truly make you a richer person when it comes to being richer culturally, personally, have a richer soul, mind and feelings; so basically you are investing in yourself in the best way possible!

When we travel anywhere we connect with the culture, cusine, people, history, language and so many other things from those countries that we visit. could be a trip to another country or maybe you'll play tourist in your own hometown.. is all valid and will do the purpose of becoming a better self.


The most important thing you need to take home with you after a trip is to soak on the culture and costumes of the place u went to.. Culture is so unique and different and sometimes even misunderstood, especially when we just get the information from television that does not always show us the reality of some places that have a whole different way to think or act. Remember, different isn't always bad, so my advice to you is to read previous your trip to get to know about the place you are going and while you are there, take some time to learn about their locals.. their religion, their food, their dialects, etc. Oh and most importantly be OPEN MINDED. 


I love learning foreign languages, and yet even though i don't know every single language out there, i still try to learn a few basic things in the language of the country I'll be visiting.. i think is very polite and sweet thing to do, taking the time to learn a few simple stuff like how to say -please, thank you- and how to greet-. This will help you break the ice and start at least a small conversation with locals and that would lead you to fortunately make some new friends. Besides, as we sometimes are way too lazy to learn a new language, having an incentive that impulse you to learn and step out of your shell a bit.


I consider myself a foodie! i love trying food from all over the world and i am trying to be more open minded and less afraid to try dishes that are far different from the things i am used to.. i must confess i am fanatic of greek, italian and french cusine, but i always like to try different kinds to explore that foodie side of me, which is why i believe i like so much going on cruises so much because you get to find food from all over the world in the same place. 

I advice you to not just eat anything that is from of you but to actually take some time to learn about their cusine, because surprisingly food is often a big part of the history and culture of most countries, so learning about their dishes would lead you to nourish yourself into their culture.

There you have it, these were just only a few reasons why traveling (taking these things in mind) would make you become a richer human being but not with money but full of culture, knowledge which is way more important.

My advice to you? let's stop being so centered in our own reality and stop focusing more on what is out there and no, i am not talking about just taking a piece of newspaper and read it as sometimes we don't find the true side of the stories.. we need to travel and see it with our own eyes and decide for ourselves based on our own experiences.

And please erase from your mind the thought of "i have to be rich to travel", just progressively save some money and destinate it for your dream trip either over seas or in your own country but i invite you to actually invest on yourself and travel the world!!!

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