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Hello People!
My name is Eymi Adrianza, a twenty something year old from Venezuela, grew up in the hottest city in my country, called Maracaibo (yes, like the italian song!!) , i am a Lawyer with some serious passion for everything fashion and beauty related, enjoy to write, read, photography, huge fan of sunsets and sunrises, learning foreign languages and of course travel! 

A Voyage True Fashion started as a hobbie and quickly became my ultimate passion. The name comes as a form of tribute to the "journey" my own style went through over the years and how it is still in constant evolution.. learning the "tough way" to not be afraid of trying new things and not take other people's opinions way too seriously, and only there will be when your own style will finally evolve.

You can expect to find everything from Personal Style, Fashion Inspiration, Makeup Tutorials and more!. Made it a bilingual blog to be able to share my fashion journey with more of you my loves. 

Fun fact about me is that i adore fall & winter clothes and i happen to live in an oven turned into a city! haha weird huh? 

Now please join me in this fun ride and jump into A VOYAGE TRUE FASHION with me!